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Available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 inches, our Universal Stencils can be used on virtually any type of lure, making them an indispensible resource! If you would like to mold the stencils similar to the Crankbait, we suggest buying them in pairs. LureLayouts' original designs offers infinite combinations for your tackle-craft projects. Overlapping multiple stencils allows you to design unique projects that meet your local fishing needs. The outstanding laser cut detail on our stencils will save you time producing baits that are sure to land the big ones! Our precision laser cut stencils use a patent pending .020 thick material, giving them a lifetime of use. Stronger than all paints and most solvents, yet thick enough to resist airbrush action, our stencils are rich in detail and easy to use. Free-hand these dynamic stencils to reproduce your art much faster than old-fashioned techniques, maximizing your profits and turnaround times, or just freeing up more time to spend on the water! Custom sizing is available for most items, and we offer custom stencil work of your original designs at a reasonable price. Call 503-330-1103 or email for estimates; please include an image, sizing and quantity when requesting a quote. We use PayPal for secure transactions, ship worldwide via USPS First Class, and combine orders. Thanks for supporting a family owned and operated business!

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